I Found Happy

"I found happy," she thought, I finally have found MY happy.


I stopped viewing myself in the eyes of others who don't know me.
I stopped focusing on how deep I was breathing, but on the fact that I was breathing!
I found happy when I woke up each morning and remembered everything I was grateful for.
I picked myself up from the lowest I'd been,
I stitched up my cuts and bruises,
I held my chin up and I knew I would get through it, I knew I'd find h a p p y.
I did, I found happy.
Instead of letting it defeat me, I defeated it. The many things that "it" was.
I remembered that life doesn't OWE me anything, life is a blessing we've all been given.
What did I do to deserve this blessing?


I found happy when I pounded my feet on the pavement during a sunset jog;
Instead of, "how much longer?" I listened to the music of the wind as it carries me along.
I stopped carrying myself with weight, but with a gentle flow of grace.
I learned to begin the never ending, but always growing, journey of self love.
I learned to not care about what people say or think so much, but to believe so strongly in what you're passionate about because frankly, it doesn't matter what they think...it never will.


I found happy when I learned to let go.
Let go of the past, let go of the pain, learn and move forward.
Live for the now.
Look at it as the past is an experience, and the future as blooming. Don't be scared, be grateful, be excited!


I found happy. 
I breathe crisp air, I spend time with people whom I love, I feed my soul the food and life it needs, I am g r a t e f u l, I help others because it makes them and myself happy, I live. Dammit I LIVE.
Every given moment I live. I sleep in on Sundays because I CAN. I adventure because I CAN. I snort when I laugh at videos laying down because I CAN. I am who I am because I CAN be. 
If I can, you can.
If I can be happy, so can you.
Life is beautiful, life is a blessing, we wake up everyday to a new adventure. Go for it.

I Found Happy.

Chelsea Glasow xo

All images shot by Sara Jewell Photography
All make up done by Allure Beauty By Chelsea