New York City

"Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of"



The city that literally never sleeps.

New York is full of a hustle like no other city all while remaining low stress, who knew that was possible?! I personally love New York for the obvious reasons of what it has to offer, but even more for the fact that it is so diverse in culture in every way, and is a completely different way of life than home.


In the week stay that we were there, we tried to see as much as we could. Visiting Brooklyn, Central Manhattan, Soho, Chelsea, Greenwich, West Side, Upper East, and Southern Manhattan around the One World Trade Centre area. We saw the city at different levels of business as well as different levels of awe. My favourites were the broadway show, Waitress, the Sunday Brunch Drag Show at LIPS NYC, and the 9/11 Museum, as it is put together quite brilliantly and it was extremely educational and informative. I also love the area of Soho as a whole!



Visiting the West Side was super neat, as I didn't explore it much the last time I was in the Big Apple! We visited the infamous Tom's Restaurant, famously known for being the meeting place in Seinfeld, along with Zabaar's Bagel Shop to pick up some true New York bagels! On our little Seinfeld adventure we had to stop in at the OG soupman! NO SOUP FOR YOU! I got the clam chowder, which I must say was delicious. After the West Side, it made the most sense to venture to Central Park which is always such a beautiful place to be!



The neat thing about NYC is that each area you visit is always going to be different then the next. The Upper East Side is very Gossip Girl with personal drivers and old money, whereas Soho is more trendy (and every instagrammer’s dream). Some cute cafes and places to eat in Soho are definitely Cha Cha Matcha and Jack's Wife Freda (get the pink eggs benny at the Carmine location)!  Another thing I love about the food in NYC in general is that I swear you can find a hidden Italian gem of a restaurant within every few blocks!


Transportation wise we mostly took the subway as it’s the most cost efficient and the fastest way to get around traffic. We were able to hop on a subway from Times Square and head on over to Brooklyn to explore the Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights (visit Cranberry Street, especially if you're there in the summer). Of course we got Shake Shack while we were in the area! From Brooklyn we were able to hop on a subway and come out near the One World Trade Center, which made the most sense because it is near the southern part of Manhattan. When you visit the memorial and museum, you must walk another block and see the little church that wasn’t harmed at all during 9/11. It is chilling to see that such a small building stood so strong.



All in all New York is an amazing place and somewhere that I plan to see during every season; so far I have seen it in the summer and in late winter/spring! I would love to see it in full bloom spring, fall, and around Christmas time! The top of the Rock is the most amazing viewpoint of the whole city, and I recommend it over the Empire State Building because the Empire State is in your view, and if you go to the second level of the top floor you have no glass or fence in front of you, so its a perfectly clear view! One tip about sightseeing in NYC is to remember that everything costs money, so add a sightseeing fund into your budget!


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post about my fun adventures in NYC! I cannot wait to be back! My next big trip is to Whistler, I've never been so feel free to send recommendations!

Xo Chels

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